Vashon Law Firm is trusted counsel when you need it most.

Hi, my name is Daniel.

I am a lawyer and counselor-at-law. I have represented hundreds of individuals and organizations in routine and complex cases. My cases have gone to trial and up to appeals.

Since 2020, I have been the managing member of a vibrant, socially-conscious law firm on Vashon Island, Washington. The practice continues to this day with an emphasis on labor and employment law. 

I am available to represent individual clients on a very selective basis. I am also accepting contract work from and co-counsel arrangements with other law firms. I am a skilled legal writer, researcher, investigator, and consultant, ready to help you win cases.

Contact me to talk about how we might work together seeking creative solutions to legal problems.


Services For Law Firms

Vashon Law Firm's litigation and transactional services can move your cases forward and save you money. Contact us to discuss how hiring a contract attorney helps your practice thrive.

Legal Writer and Editor

  • Pleadings

  • Demand Letters

  • Motions and Responsive Papers

  • Memoranda

  • Contract Review and Drafting

  • Appeals

  • Administrative Procedures


  • Discovery Review

  • Witness Background and Interviews

  • Employer and Corporate Research

  • Open-source Intelligence (OSINT)

  • Declarations and Affidavits

  • Public Records Requests


  • Legal Research

  • Social Science and the Law

  • International Law

  • Comparative Law

  • Employment and Labor Law


  • Planning Formal and Informal Discovery

  • Litigation Support

  • Deposition Preparation

  • Negotiations

  • Strategy for Labor

  • Technology for Law Firms


Employment representation For Individuals

We represent employees and workers facing employment issues. Contact us to schedule a consultation relating to our employment law practice areas:

  • Unpaid compensation

    • Overtime pay - Minimum wage - Off-the-clock work - Meal and rest break violations - Independent contractor misclassification - Liens on private and public projects - Class actions - Seattle labor standards

  • Wrongful termination

  • Disability discrimination

  • Separation or severance agreements

  • Workplace investigations and discipline

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Labor Law


Services For Businesses and Unions

As a small business, we know the excitement that comes from following through on your business ventures. As a Vashon Island business, we care about our neighbors and their cool projects. That's why, whether your starting a small business on Vashon Island or you're a long-time pillar of the local community, our firm offers a variety of legal services, including:

  • Starting a business

  • Legal compliance

  • Contract drafting, review, and negotiation

  • Commercial lease agreements

As a labor law firm, we also know there is power in a union. We are dedicated to organized labor and we represent unions in a variety of legal matters. We practice before the NLRB and PERC, where we pursue and defend ULP charges. We also represent unions in Washington State courts and all federal District Courts in Washington State.