How to Use SMC 14.20

Seattle’s Wage Theft Ordinance (WTO) is a powerful tool for workers and their attorneys. In the special employment law issue of Trial News, attorney Daniel Cairns wrote your guide to the what, why, and how of this law.

As he writes:

At its core, SMC 14.20.020 requires employers to pay all compensation owed to an employee [...] on an established regular pay day at no longer than monthly payment intervals.
[It] prohibits the underpayment of wages owed to employees performing work in Seattle and prescribes remedies and enforcement procedures.
[C]onsidering the clear legislative intent behind the WTO, the straightforward and broad set of rights it ensures, and its generous remedies, the WTO should always be part of an employment lawyer’s issue spotting practice.

To read "Litigating Under SMC 14.20, Seattle’s Wage Theft Ordinance" by Daniel Cairns, visit: