Trial Victory for Weed Workers

Vashon Law Firm is thrilled to announce a six-figure trial victory for two clients in a wage case (Washington Minimum Wage Act, overtime, and willfulness). Our clients worked for a marijuana grow operation in Tacoma for approximately six months and were never paid. Their employer, the Defendants, denied the Plaintiffs did any work at all and never made a meaningful settlement offer. All of Defendants claims were dismissed before trial.

Attorney Daniel Cairns was joined by co-counsel Kevin Smith of Defiance Law in Tacoma for a virtual bench trial before Judge Michael Schwartz in Pierce County Superior Court. The lawyers had to be patient and flexible, but going to the mat for our clients paid off. The trial took place after half a year of defense delays. And even when we had the opportunity for trial, it occurred over three non-consecutive days in March and April.

Yesterday, the Judge announced his decision that Plaintiffs prevailed on all claims and were awarded 96% of the wage damages requested plus exemplary damages at twice the amount of wages withheld (so, wages + 2x wages), pre- and post-judgment interest, attorney fees, and costs.

Defendant Webb Bowie claimed that he never employed the Plaintiffs. This claim was rejected by the judge at trial.
Defendant Webb Bowie swore he didn't employee Plaintiffs. We disproved this claim at trial.

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Update 12/3/2022: Since the trial, Defendants have made several attempts to re-litigate this case and avoid their responsibility to pay wages to the Plaintiffs. Vashon Law Firm has successfully opposed each of these actions.



Plaintiffs' Post-Trial Summation - 5/3/2021

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Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law - 5/17/2021

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