"Daniel helped me understand the legal requirements for hiring contractors in my specific industry. He addressed very specific questions I had and spoke to a variety of nuanced situations. He was an excellent listener and handled my needs with patience, professionalism and clarity. Daniel drafted a contract for my use, and went over every detail ensuring I understood and felt comfortable with each section. I felt totally relieved after meeting with him knowing that this issue I had avoided dealing with for over a year had finally been resolved. Daniel was both professional and friendly, and I wholeheartedly recommend him, especially to anyone who is intimidated with the thought of working with a lawyer."
-Client in Tacoma

"When someone is in a bad situation with an employer, what would and could help the most is ‘wise counsel', and that’s what we got from Daniel. Daniel has an excellent balance of extremely intellectual legal skills, combined with old world care and consideration. He is a true gentleman with fierce lawful applications to protect the innocent when they need legal protecting. I recommend his 5 star professional services any day of the week... Daniel Cairns is truly a great guy willing to fight for us in ways we can’t for ourselves."
-Client in Renton

"He is extremely knowledgeable and is always able to find the correct answer."
-Attorney in Washington State


"He is a very conscientious, detail oriented professional who represents his clients with integrity."
-Attorney in Washington State

"Daniel has the amazing gift of listening and making you feel heard and important. I am so great full for Daniel’s attention to detail, to his understanding of the legal process, and his expertise in employment law. I had to go through some pretty emotional and despairing times but he was able to listen but gently redirect when needed and keep me focused on the legal issues. He answered all of my questions, educated me when needed, and truly took the time to ensure that I understood every step and decision that I needed to make. I ALWAYS felt protected and was secure in the fact that he was on my side and had my best interest at heart. I am forever grateful."

-Client in Washington

"I was impressed with how well he listened/understood the nuances of our situation, how fast he delivered when we were ready, and how he even caught typos and inconsistencies from our previous attorneys... 5-star experience through and through."

Client in Seattle